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What we do

Seizure Tracking

Having trouble remembering your seizures? Our seizure tracker will remember them for you!

Seizure Detection

In collaboration with the Pebble smart watch, we’ll detect and record convulsive movements



Most people have difficulty remembering what they did last week, let alone recalling the past few months. When you see your doctor, they expect for you to remember all of your seizures and medication history over the past few months, so that they can provide you with the best possible treatment. Having an app like Seizure Sync provides them with an accurate overview of your seizure and medication history.


Epilepsy is something that is treatable, but not curable. To treat/manage your epilepsy, one of the most important steps is to ensure that you’re taking your medications on time, and every single day. This is why Seizure Sync will remind you exactly how much and what medications to take, on time, every day.


Having a seizure can be a very scary and dangerous event. This is why, when using Seizure Sync with a Pebble smart watch, we will track and record convulsive seizures, and notify your emergency contacts about the event, along with your location.