How Seizure Sync will help you

Epilepsy is a condition that will affect 1 in 26 people over the course of a lifetime. It’s a very common condition. Despite its prevalence and all of the phenomenal advancements that we have become used to seeing on the frontier of science and technology, it’s still a condition that isn’t curable – it’s only manageable.

There are two big factors when it comes to managing a condition:

  • You have to adhere whatever you doctor prescribes to you (take medications, be healthy, etc)
  • Your doctor has to provide you with the best possible treatment that they can

Sounds pretty easy, right? A lot of the time it isn’t. We are all people living our own very complicated lives and it’s very easy to stray off schedule, or to give less than optimal treatment as a doctor.


Seizure Sync is an epilepsy management app that was created by it’s founders due to their mother’s battle with the condition. This is how it will help you manage your epilepsy.

Adhering to what your doctor prescribed for you

Seizure Sync will help you do this is in two ways. The first is by providing medication reminders for you. We’ll send you reminders every single day at the time that you’re supposed to take your medications so that you never forget again.

The second way it will help you is by making medications much more affordable. Seizure Sync offers massive medication discounts, even if you have insurance. Medications are something that are needed to manage epilepsy, but money can be a huge problem when it comes to taking all the medications that are prescribed to you.

Helping your doctor to give you the best care possible

This is something that often feels to be out of our control. But little do we know, we can actually impact this pretty significantly. The way to do this is by providing the best data we possibly can to our doctors.

Most doctor’s appointments pertaining epilepsy don’t occur too often. They’re spread throughout a number of months. Let’s say you’re seeing your doctor for the first time in 3 months. At this appointment, you have to provide him/her with a recap of those past few months. This includes information about the seizures that you experienced, their effects on you (injuries, possible triggers, etc), your medication adherence and days where you might have missed your medications, side effects that you may have experienced due to medications, etc.

This is hard to do. Most people have difficulty remembering what they did the last week, let alone the last few months. It’s very likely that the information that you provide your doctor with during these visits is inaccurate. And with this inaccurate information, your doctor has to make decisions about your future treatment.

This is how Seizure Sync will help your doctor help you. Through our seizure tracking, medication reminders and history, and journals, you can provide your doctor with the most accurate information possible about your condition. Using this information, they will know better whether to increase or decrease your dosage, change your medications, advise you to change up your lifestyle, etc.


To summarize everything, this is how Seizure Sync will help you.

  • Track and record your seizures
  • Provide you with prescription discounts, even if you have insurance
  • Provide you with medication reminders and keep track of your medication history
  • Allow you to log your days, side effects, triggers, and other important information through the journal





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