Connecting your Pebble

A simple guide, made to make your path to seizure detection as easy as possible

2. Make an Account

Sign-up for and create an account on the Seizure Sync app. You can either sign-up via email or Facebook login.

3. Download the Pebble App

Download the Pebble App from the App or Play store, on your phone. Once downloaded, follow THIS detailed guide made by Pebble, to connect your phone to your watch (if you have an Android, click “Get Started with Android”, and if you have an iPhone, do the same thing, pertaining to iOS).

4. Download Seizure Sync on Pebble

Now it’s time to download Seizure Sync on your watch. To do this, open up the Pebble app on your phone. Go to the app store, and search for “Seizure Sync”. Download the app and wait for it to install.

5. Login to Seizure Sync on Pebble

The last step is to login to Seizure Sync on your Pebble. To do this, open up the Pebble app and go to the tab that displays the apps that you’ve installed. Find Seizure Sync, and hit the “gear” on the right side. Login to the account that you created on the Seizure Sync app through here.

6. Connected!

Once logged in on your Pebble and phone, you’re all set and ready to start tracking using Seizure Sync!