Seizure Sync & Neutun Join! πŸŽ‰

We’re super excited to announce our team and technology will be joining! Together we will continue to build our Seizure Sync with cutting edge mobile and artificial intelligence technology for healthcare to accelerate medical research.


In this transition, we’ve compiled some FAQs and ways to make this a smooth transition and get the best experience.


Was Seizure Sync acquired?

  • In support of our efforts to build the best tools for people with epilepsy and their families, we’re thrilled to announce Neutun and the Seizure Sync app will be acquired by They’ve built cutting edge artificial intelligence technology for healthcare to accelerate medical research. We couldn’t be happier joining and continuing to advance Seizure Sync, improving it for you.

Does this mean I’ll lose my data?

  • Nope! You won’t lose any of your existing data and can continue to use Seizure Sync the way you have been.

Do I need to download a new app?

  • No, Seizure Sync will continue to operate maintained by the team. At some stage in the future, there may be further integration with the app and if this occurs you will be notified via email.

How will this affect my current experience?

  • It won’t! Seizure Sync will experience upgrades in the future, so lookout for an even better experience with the team.

Will Seizure Sync remain free?

  • Yup. There will be a free version of the Seizure Sync application.

Do I need to do anything extra or new?

  • No, just keep doing what you’re doing and lookout for new updates!

Where can I contact support?

Should I expect improvements in the future?

  • is committed to the community of people who suffer from epilepsy, so you can look forward to great experiences to come. For example, has recently opened a Digital Health Trial to determine whether AI can predict the optimal anti-epileptic medication. Learn more here.

Will our privacy policy change?

  • The current privacy policy will remain in place. From time to time, policies change according to new regulations and laws and when this occurs you will be notified via email. At, all the technology the company develops is to serve the core values of data ownership, privacy and security. They will never transfer, sell or share your data and each research project in the app requests consent / opt-in to share data for the research. Any changes to the privacy policy would be in line with these values.